Imaginal Particle Visualization

Imaginal Particle Visualization
Imaginal Particles are the building blocks of creation. Every thought form, every intention forms an organic pattern of luminous light. Before what is, becomes, it takes shape in the imaginal realm. Imagination is the living substance of reality.

As I was creating this pattern of Light, I held the intension for manifesting the heart’s desire.
As you watch this several times, allow your self to see this energy between your own hands. with out defining or trying, just feel the energy of your hearts desire. You should feel an energetic shift in the center of your chest.

Let me know what experience you feel.

I am creating these new visualizations while here in Portland, OR. I need models to work with to create these powerful visualizations. If you are a Light-filled soul and would like to create with me, message me here.

I am considering hosting a live free call on “Imaginal Particle Manifestation” let me know if you would be interested in joining me.