Imaginal Particle Visualization

Imaginal Particle Visualization
The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy states: That every particle of energy in the universe is coming in and out of existence perpetually. Every imaginal particle is continuously moving in and out of physical existence. Nothing is stagnant, everything is dynamic, everything is in motion; Malleable!

Get comfortable, feel into your breath taking notice of the organic rhythm. When your soul settles, make this affirmation aloud, “Things are like this Now” Take a deep breath. With your eyes closed imagine everything around you dissolving into Imaginal Particles. Shifting and twisting outside of time and space. Now, imagine all the particles forming anew into physical space. Can you feel the shift? Take another deep breath and say aloud, “All things have become new!” ~Blessings

I have had a number of requests from spiritual workers asking if they could commission a particle energy animation that they can use with their own meditations. I am happy to discuss that possibility. I have to be a bit selective because of the time it takes to create the videos. If you are interested in having a custom animation created please email me, [email protected]

All is Love,
Keith Allen Kay