I love your untamed heart


I love your untamed heart

Wildness and wonder

Cosmic sensual hunger

Unsatisfied pleasure

Ocean filling desire


Yes, it terrorizes me

Unsettles me

Ravishes me

For it calls me to a love beyond words, beyond myself, beyond time.


That is what is awakening in your body, awakening in your soul. The longing of your breasts to be consumed, your pleasure to be entered, your nakedness to be seen. You are more than your roles, your body, your relationships. You are a cosmic goddess of love. When you enjoy, you enjoy for the whole earth. When you make love it is to all nature. when your passion is ignited the world is set ablaze.


Beloved do not settle quietly into the night.

Be unquenchable

Be unsatisfiable

Be hungry

Summon, call forth, demand that my soul and my body rise to make love to all that you are, all that you are becoming and all that you have ever been.