Turning into Gold

Turning into Gold

The journey through any given day is rich with hidden treasure, opportunities to thrive and the infinite potential to create magic from the mundane. At any moment we can turn into our treasure, turn into the magic, turn into Love.


Love is living consciousness. Love is the ever flowing River of Life that bursts forth from the innermost place of our Soul. Love is Source. When we turn Into Love, we open our consciousness to divine abundance, the richest of treasure and the overflow from the windows do heaven.


Turning as a Practice

A practice should be simple. Turning is beautiful simplicity. When we awake from unconscious doing, we have turned. When our eyes lift into the intention of the moment, we have turned. When our heart is activated by Love’s beauty, we have turned. Our practice is remembering to turn.


Turning into Gold

When we act from Love we are most powerful. When we think Love’s thoughts we enter wisdom. When we move in Love’s rhythms we dance the Dance of Life. Love is ever present, ever flowing with Living Water, ever thriving around us. We simply turn into Love, Love is there. We turn with a thought, we turn with a desire, we turn with an intention, an idea, a feeling, all these are consciousness. When we turn we find our treasure, our gold.


Practice: through out this day and in any moment I will ask, “What is Love doing now?”



I will dance to Love’s rhythms

I will open to Love’s beauty

I will drink from Love’s River

I will find Love’s gold