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What are Fractals?

A Simple Explanation Of Fractal Geometry

While the classical Euclidean geometry works with objects which exist in integer dimensions, fractal geometry deals with objects in non-integer dimensions. Euclidean geometry is a description lines, ellipses, circles, etc. Fractal geometry, however, is described in algorithims — a set of instructions on how to create a fractal. The world as we know it is made up of objects which exist in integer dimensions, single dimensional points, one dimensional lines and curves, two dimension plane figures like circles and squares, and three dimensional solid objects such as spheres and cubes. However, many things in nature are described better with dimension being part of the way between two whole numbers. While a straight line has a dimension of exactly one, a fractal curve will have a dimension between one and two, depending on how much space it takes up as it curves and twists. The more a fractal fills up a plane, the closer it approaches two dimensions. In the same manner of thinking, a wavy fractal scene will cover a dimension somewhere between two and three. Hence, a fractal landscape which consists of a hill covered with tiny bumps would be closer to two dimensions, while a landscape composed of a rough surface with many average sized hills would be much closer to the third dimension.

Star Tetrahedron with luminous Imaginal Particles

Star Tetrahedron with luminous Imaginal Particles
Imagine the Star Tetrahedron in the center of your chest, breathe slow and deep. Imagine a soul desire from a place of completion. Feel the Imaginal Particles emanating from within your soul. Can you feel manifesting power?

Manifesting with the Dodecahedron

Manifesting with the Dodecahedron
I have been developing some new Spiritual Technology with projected holographic Light. Using powerful LED projectors these Fractal Holographic images are received through the skin (our most perceptive organ). The body is bathed in radiant Light with encoded manifestation codes.
I am need of a number of volunteers over the next few weeks to experience HoloPhotonic Light Bath and to give an account of the experience, I also need a few lovely models with happy souls to use for creating promotional and training material.

If you are interested or know someone that is, please message me. All sessions are in person in the Ne area of Portland, OR

All volunteers will be given a complimentary mini session.
~Keith Allen Kay

I would love to hear your comments on how this Hologram feels.

Particle Orb

I have been working on some new spiritual creations, the video above was shot in a studio here in Portland, OR. I am looking for a number of lovely models and spiritual souls who would like to create magical art with me. If you are interested in creating with me, message me here.

The Model is Megan Church

Imaginal Particle Visualization

Imaginal Particle Visualization
Imaginal Particles are the building blocks of creation. Every thought form, every intention forms an organic pattern of luminous light. Before what is, becomes, it takes shape in the imaginal realm. Imagination is the living substance of reality.

As I was creating this pattern of Light, I held the intension for manifesting the heart’s desire.
As you watch this several times, allow your self to see this energy between your own hands. with out defining or trying, just feel the energy of your hearts desire. You should feel an energetic shift in the center of your chest.

Let me know what experience you feel.

I am creating these new visualizations while here in Portland, OR. I need models to work with to create these powerful visualizations. If you are a Light-filled soul and would like to create with me, message me here.

I am considering hosting a live free call on “Imaginal Particle Manifestation” let me know if you would be interested in joining me.

Imaginal Particle Orb

Imaginal Particle Orb
A Blessing of the Divine Feminine
“O, the radiance of Grace
Illuminated sphere of Light
Be not afraid of your magnificence
You are of Creation’s birth
Heavens delight in your Essence
The Sun breathes your fragrance
Make magic lovely one
Make love
Make Light”
~Keith Allen Kay

I would love to hear how this video feels in your soul, can you feel it strengthening your manifestations?
I have been in a deep creation mode, creating new experiences. I am looking for some lovely souls to work with here in Portland, OR to create new visual energetics. If you would like to model and create with me, please email me.