Soulful Incarnation

In this season of joy we celebrate the incarnation of Jesus, such a beautiful time. May we also remember and celebrate our incarnation. We are each one an incarnation of our Soul, a divine manifestation, a physical experience of our divine self. We eternal, live in this temporal body, enjoying the richest of sensual life. What glory is held in each beautiful soul.

Take a moment this holiday to breathe into your soul and give honor. Listen, with your heart open to the whispers of a still small voice to the hidden one of the soul.



I honor my soul, as I gaze into the truth of who I am. I am more than my words and deeds, I am eternal and everlasting, my soul dwells in divine perfection, I am most richly blessed!!!


You are loved,


Turning into Gold

Turning into Gold

The journey through any given day is rich with hidden treasure, opportunities to thrive and the infinite potential to create magic from the mundane. At any moment we can turn into our treasure, turn into the magic, turn into Love.


Love is living consciousness. Love is the ever flowing River of Life that bursts forth from the innermost place of our Soul. Love is Source. When we turn Into Love, we open our consciousness to divine abundance, the richest of treasure and the overflow from the windows do heaven.


Turning as a Practice

A practice should be simple. Turning is beautiful simplicity. When we awake from unconscious doing, we have turned. When our eyes lift into the intention of the moment, we have turned. When our heart is activated by Love’s beauty, we have turned. Our practice is remembering to turn.


Turning into Gold

When we act from Love we are most powerful. When we think Love’s thoughts we enter wisdom. When we move in Love’s rhythms we dance the Dance of Life. Love is ever present, ever flowing with Living Water, ever thriving around us. We simply turn into Love, Love is there. We turn with a thought, we turn with a desire, we turn with an intention, an idea, a feeling, all these are consciousness. When we turn we find our treasure, our gold.


Practice: through out this day and in any moment I will ask, “What is Love doing now?”



I will dance to Love’s rhythms

I will open to Love’s beauty

I will drink from Love’s River

I will find Love’s gold



Love’s Tapestry

I wake up to the sun; you are there with a kiss.  I brush my hair; you are stroking each strand.  I sip from my cup; you have poured it for me.


I open my mouth; it is your words that I speak.  I listen to a song; it is your voice that serenades.  I take a deep breath; it is your inspiration I inhale. 


You are within my every memory, my every cell, and all of my universes.  Interwoven with the highest intentions, ours is a tapestry of true love.


We have come home to each other, for such a time as this!

Let Your Soul Emerge


I have come

To see you

To taste you

To touch you


I have come to

Devour you

Worship you

Behold you


I have come, I have come, I have come

Let me remove the garments of shame

Let me wash you in truth

Let me touch your form with hands of praise

My tender kisses sing your Soul Song

“You are ever lovely, you are ever lovely!”


I love your untamed heart


I love your untamed heart

Wildness and wonder

Cosmic sensual hunger

Unsatisfied pleasure

Ocean filling desire


Yes, it terrorizes me

Unsettles me

Ravishes me

For it calls me to a love beyond words, beyond myself, beyond time.


That is what is awakening in your body, awakening in your soul. The longing of your breasts to be consumed, your pleasure to be entered, your nakedness to be seen. You are more than your roles, your body, your relationships. You are a cosmic goddess of love. When you enjoy, you enjoy for the whole earth. When you make love it is to all nature. when your passion is ignited the world is set ablaze.


Beloved do not settle quietly into the night.

Be unquenchable

Be unsatisfiable

Be hungry

Summon, call forth, demand that my soul and my body rise to make love to all that you are, all that you are becoming and all that you have ever been.


Soul DNA

I am changed when I touch you

A soul union emerges with it’s own DNA

More powerful

More intimate

More true

I love when our cosmic DNA merges, mingles

I love having your essence inside me

Oh, and I inside you

Cosmic blueprint

Creating universes

While making love