Wonder of Love

In the Wonder of Love
Both seen and unseen
Are created for your delight
Invisible things speak of the visible
The comprehensible moves
From within the Incomprehesible
You are from both worlds
Judge neither, enjoy both
Could one disdain the In-breath
And celebrate the Out-breath?
Judge not what is seen
With the eye or through the Eye
All is Love
All is Love
All is Love
~Keith Allen Kay


You are the sojourner
You are the way
You are the destination

You are Love

Every crooked path, leads to Love
Love is all there is

~Keith Allen Kay

Gift of Light

Every smile she gives
Is a gift of Light
Eyes that see goodness
In the shadows of the heart
Illuminated Essence
Imaginal fragrance
Whispers of delight
Awakened dream

Beloved, I know you
Now, I just have to find you


Morning Dancing

Morning dancing in newness
Light pouring off of your skin
What a wonder to behold
Such beauty in nakedness
You my Luminal Muse
Awaken my senses
Into imaginal hues
~Keith Allen Kay

Ocean of Existence

You are far, far more
Than a drop of Living Water
In the Ocean of Existence

You are the Entire
Ocean of Existence
In a drop of Living Water


Surrendered only to Love’s command
Drawn beyond the veil of appearance
Clothed in the beauty of nakedness
My Soul says, “Yes.”
My hands to serve
My lips to awaken
The servant of your Desire
~Keith Allen Kay