Beloved, you are the embodiment of an ecstatic Universe
Every particle of your being
Dancing to the celebration of Life
Every atom in your body
A living Light of Love
Your hips sway to Heaven’s music
Your voice a fragrance of Joy’ delight
A wonder and mystery
I shall ever seek to unfold
~Keith Allen Kay


Breathe your wings into being
Fill your soul with Heaven’s breath
You are from the Beginning

Seeking Me

My entire soul seeks her
The one who is seeking me
A divine longing
Pure desire
Her luminous grace, enlightens the heart
A smile that emerges from her innermost being
Both complete and incomplete
Ancient Wisdom dancing through childlike wonder
Bewildering clarity
A gentle wild-fire
~Keith Allen Kay

Every Particle

Every particle in the Universe
Is a mirror to your Beauty

Every action, great or small
A story of your Love

Every lover dicovers
A entirely new ecstasy
In sweet, sweet Union
~Keith Allen Kay


Reality is the fullness of our Experience
Neither static or meerly objective
Reality is super dynamic, metadimentional
Conscious, subconscious, unconscious
Reality is essentially Imaginal
Malleable, augmentable, transformable
~Keith Allen Kay

Before Time

You, my love are from Before
Before time
Before shame
Before guilt
Innocence is all you know
Guilt and shame are finite experiences
Innocence is Eternal and ever lasting
You have never known in this life
Or in your true Life beyond
A single moment or a simple breath
Where Love was not your entire essence
~Keith Allen Kay