Alone in Nature’s splendor
Shedding all pretense
The courage to fly
~Keith Allen Kay

Irresistible Glance

Your irresistible glance has ravished my soul
I am undone
The old way of being ruined
I now live to worship beauty
Serving the Essence of Light
May I see you with my hands
Tracing your graceful lines
Painting your skin in luminous pleasures
Surrender with me
Hold nothing in Safety’s reserve
Making Love
Making Life
~Keith Allen Kay


Listen with quite ears to that heart trending fire
Ever guiding towards the Passion of Life
Enticing the soul unto the Water of Love
Drink, Precious One
Drink to overflowing
Now, from your inner most being,
Will burst forth treasures
This work could never fully know.

Living Mirror

Every particle in this Universe and the next
Is a living mirror of your Essence
As lovers they ever seek another
Dancing in luminous wonder
Such beautiful love the atoms enjoy
Ever entangled in rapturous Light
~Keith Allen Kay

Mystic Art

Oh, mystic art that has painted your soul
Wild opaline
Untamed desire
Conscious eyes
Innocent mind
You my hearts delight
Tender naked moments
Unselfed passion of Infinite Light
I still share your breath
Sacred secrets
Sweet Love!
Sweet, sweet Love

~Keith Allen Kay

Ever Long

To be a lover is to ever long
Alone, I seek the Essence of an enchanted soul
Together, I hunger for sweeter ecstatic intimacies
So I Love, so I long
A Lover of Love
Such perfect anguish
~Keith Allen Kay