Infinite Love

I am Infinite Love,
having an experience in finite life.
~Keith Allen Kay

Way of Union

The Way of Union is within our breath
The Delight of Pleasure at our fingertips
Drinking deeply of the Fountain of Life
Our lips release
The Water of Life bursts forth as we unself
Beloved, let us
Make Love
Make Life
Make Light

~Keith Allen Kay

A Moment in the Mystic

A moment in the mystic
I Am
Older than Light
Longer then Darkness
Beloved, this Love that we make
Is of the essence of Essence
Aways and ever-ever
Can a kiss be Eternal?
Intimacy Infinite?
Has is ever been anything else?
~Keith Allen Kay


Every soul, every atom
is on a path to your Love
All and all, exist in your Essence
~Keith Allen Kay


The life-art of finding wonder in simple things. Moving beyond the safe and expected into the glorious and profound. Living outside the mundain and ordinary. Seeing beauty, hearing joy, touching pleasure, tasting magic and running head long toward the fragrance of Life.
~Keith Allen Kay

“Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment. Cleverness is mere opinion, bewilderment is intuition.” ~Rumi

I See You

In anger and contempt
I see Love’s grace
In violence and discord
I see Love’s union
In all things
At all times
In everything I see
There, yes there, I see you
~Keith Allen Kay

This poem opens the door for an amazing practice. Take a half hour and purpose every thought to be seen in Love’s Presence. Where there is nothing to judge. Every breath, every thought received through Love’s grace. Every breath and every thought returned with Love’s blessing. Can you imagine the receiving and returning creating a tiny infinity in your soul?

You are Love,
Keith Allen Kay