Presence of Shadows

I See Your Wings
In the presence of shadows
And broken dreams
The beauty of your Essence
Is from before time
Before stories
Come naked
Without shame
I will show you what I see
~Keith Allen Kay

Imaginal Wings

Imaginal Wings
Created in Light
From just a thought
“I shall be Free”
“I will Rise”
“I am New”
~Keith Allen Kay


Imaginal Wings
O. Beloved
Remember your wings
They are not new
From before time and unto Eternity
You have always been able to fly.


Beyond Our Senses

Seek Passion. Love Intensely, Honor Beauty
True lovers are never satisfied
Divine hunger draws from the River of Life
Desire carries us beyond
Beyond our senses
Beyond the mortal
Beyond good and evil
Beyond the finite
Beloved you are from before time
Let us dance, I will ravish your beauty
Reminding you of your Infinite worth
~Keith Allen Kay

Kingdom of Love

My Heart now reigns
in the Kingdom of Love
Freedom compels me beyond
Believing and unbelieving
Lost in Love’s beauty
Ever becoming…
Love’s servant
Love’s partner
Love’s lover

For those who dwell in Love’s habitation
All is Light
All is joy
All is well

~Keith Allen Kay


The radiance of your Pressence
Floods my soul with Beauty
Your fragrance ignites Love’s desire
O, to breathe you into every environment
I have set my seeing to Love
May I find you in ten thousand hidden places
Each a treasure of pure discovery
~Keith Allen Kay

Morning Light

Morning Light finds you more fair
then yesterday remembers
New rays dancing on your sleeping skin
May I love you into the whispered beauty
of this unwritten day
Touch you in the anointing of sacred hands
Worship your Essence with an unchained heart
We shall paint this day in glorious magic
The world is brighter with our tender Illuminations
~Keith Allen Kay